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Mini Concepts gives you access to a full range of automotive services such as:
- New Japanese/Continental Car Purchase
- Used Japanese/Continental Car Purchase
- Direct Sale of Existing Car
- Trade-in/Export of Existing Car
- Auto Financing
- Motor Insurance including Renewal
- New Japanese/Continental Car Rental
- Car Accessories

SMS (without quotes) 'MC' [space] [Your Name] [space] [Your Email Address] to 97381177 for Free Information Pack!

Discover how you can start a business with little or no money through Executive Directions.
Each of us has a million-dollar idea, and once we take the appropriate actions, we can truly begin to claim that we own a business.

SMS Consultancy
Leverage the power of SMS Marketing through BluOcean.

Social Enterprise
Learn how you can support a person with Cerebral Palsy here.
Victor Chng has many experiences to share with us, so go ahead to check it out!


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