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Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

If you require a specialty product made of Glass, Plastic, or some have some other Industrial application, we can assist.
Our recent projects include:
- Specialty Glass Containers
- Safe Consumer Toys
- Industrial Cooling Solutions

Original Design Manufacture (ODM)
If you require a product for 'in-house' use, we can design and deliver to suit your needs.
Our expertise covers solutions for:
- Automotive Industry
- Office Furniture
- Security Applications

Environmentally-Friendly Products
Reduce your carbon footprint through our GreenSource range of products.
From the ultra-portable to the mega-intensive, we have solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable.
Our GreenSource range includes:
- Automobile Fuel Additives
- Portable Battery Chargers
- Green Industrial Cooling Concepts
- Bio-Fuel Production Solutions


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