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Marketing Consultancy

From the day-to-day handling of customers' queries, to the ever-present task to beating the competition, marketing is indeed a key success factor in any organisation. Add the challenge that new media such as mobile phones and the Internet present, and you may be forgiven for throwing your hands up in the air out of sheer frustration.

Well, do not despair. Whether the issue is in generating leads, or in securing follow-ups, we have tools that you can actually use on a daily basis, with easily measurable results!
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Turnkey Concepts
Ever felt tired from a hard day's work of 'fire-fighting'? Ever wondered what the opposite of that may feel like (no it won't be wet, not unless you want it to be!)?

JR Medix helps you to work on your business rather than simply in your business, so that you can be doing something else (such as enjoying a nice holiday) without worrying that your business will collapse in your absence.
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